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You get unbeatable quality, price and service delivery at CPA!


We are a printing & design company that is passionate about quality, great designs and the difference we can make to our clients’ business.
CPA launched back in 2012 with the aim to transform Pakistan’s printing industry by ensuring high quality yet economical printing made available to all. With the introduction of modern machinery and innovative design concepts, we strive to make print not only cost-effective but better than ever before.

We are printing partners to key brands like Zong, Meezan Bank, PTCL, Total Parco and many more. With a complete inhouse infrastructure equipped with modern machinery, CPA has become unbeatable in terms of quality, price and service delivery.
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Corporate Brand Identity is something you should never ignore. Apart from printing, we have worked with countless businesses and helped them stay relevant in the market by creating an unmatched brand identity. Our experience includes creating brand identity for different industries including hospitality, restaurants, cash & carry stores, FMGCs and the list goes on. Combined with finest printing, you can easily stand out among your competition

We create, design and print so well that people want to keep your merchandising for life.

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We create, design and print so well that people want to keep the products for life.

Zafar Maqsood is the man behind the massive success of CPA. He is a professional practicing lawyer and a successful businessman. Fascinated by game-changing technology and great design, Mr Zafar is driven to create products people love to own.

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